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Feb 2, 2021

"Bbanga is the name of the rocks in the middle of Victoria Lake, where children are usually brought to support their families with fishing, when they can´t attend school. These Bbangas are also called stone nannies, so that they know where their kids are"
That is how Sani found his mission, he was on a leisure trip in Uganda; during the last days, he was taken to lake Victoria, where was shocked when he witnessed those children who were left alone in those stones, while they parents where working.
He found Gideon, a small kid who was fishing. he couldn´t believe was his eyes were watching, so he decided to take action. Everything started with providing education to this kid; 7 years later Sani is leading an international ONG: Bbanga project, which provides education kids of Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria, Kalangala
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